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Seafort Advisors is a private equity firm with more than 36 years of experience in the industry. During the last years, substantial primary and secondary investments were realized. Our investment approach is the logical next step to address the chances offered by the meanwhile well-developed private equity market in Germany and Europe.

Seafort Advisors GmbH sold its majority stake in Dieter Braun GmbH to Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG).

Hamburg, February 2017
Dieter Braun GmbH (www.kabelkonfektion.com) is a specialist and solution provider for cable assembly and lighting technology in the automotive industry. The cables are either used in electrical modules such as the switches of a multi-function steering wheel or to connect such modules to the main wiring harness in the vehicle. Another of their focuses is interior lighting.

The company is highly appreciated by its customers in the automotive supply industry for its quality service delivering efficient solutions even with small to medium-sized units with above-average complexity and variable lead-time. Since it’s founding in 1993, Braun has grown considerably. Over the past seven years, an annual turnover of an average of 19 per cent has been achieved. The company is present at the main production sites of its customers: In addition to the headquarters in Bayreuth, it also operates in the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Mexico and China. Dieter Braun GmbH employs approximately 1,500 people. The company benefits from electrical and electronic components being used more and more in vehicles, as well as from the trend towards outsourcing of production by OEMs and suppliers. With various applications, it has positioned itself in the future field of e-mobility.

“Over the past few years, we at Seafort have given Dieter Braun GmbH every kind of support to serve the ever increasing demand for cable products and to ensure the high quality and reliability of delivery. Now it is time to transfer the company to a larger owner, which will enable this growth in the future. DBAG has all the requirements to do so,” says Patrick Hennings-Huep, Partner of Seafort Advisors.

Seafort Advisors GmbH is an independent private equity company and was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Hamburg. In the transaction, Seafort has received substantial support from Raymond James, CMS Hasche Siegle and Ernst & Young.

Seafort acquires "Avedo" and "Die Jobmacher"

Hamburg, February 2016
Seafort acquires a majority stake in Avedo GmbH. Avedo is a fast growing dialog marketing specialist with activities throughout Germany that specializes in lead management, telemarketing and telesales as well as business process outsourcing (BPO). Avedo currently employees more than 1500 employees at its sites in Leipzig, Rostock, Cologne and Munich.

Seafort acquires DIE JOBMACHER. Jobmacher is a premier personnel services provider (“PSP”) operating a network of 13 branches throughout Germany with a clear focus on higher skilled temporary employees. With more than 600 employees and many blue chip companies throughout Germany Jobmacher continues to expand rapidly.

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