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About us

Seafort Advisors benefits from more than 20 years of experience operating in the international private equity sphere.

What we do

We have exclusive access to attractive deals in sectors such as :

  • Unique Technology GrowthCompanies
  • Green Tech (e.g. Hydrogen Technology and Carbon Capture)
  • Software (competitive SaaSModels)
  • Service (high margin and cash generative targets)

Seafort Advisors is a collaborative firm with sound experience investing in small and mid cap buyouts with a focused, consistent and conservative approach. The Team invests with a clear set of criteria for evaluating opportunities and managing its investments and portfolio.

Seafort is backed by renowned international investors who regard the European mid-market as highly attractive and trust us to deliver results. This backing gives us lots of flexibility in structuring transactions, and Seafort can make both primary and secondary investments

We invest in medium-sized and technology-oriented companies in the DACH Region and Europe. We offer intensive support and long term guidance at management level. Our objective is the identification of new trends and to invest in opportunities. Seafort is a partner for innovative companies with a motivated management. Next to incentivizing management to actively drive and participate in the joint success, Seafort offers experience and networks to accelerate growth, especially internationally.

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In November 2013, Seafort raised €48 million for its Seafort Fund I to execute a direct portfolio transaction.

Our history

  • In November 2013, Seafort raised €48 million for its Seafort Fund I to execute a direct portfolio transaction. Over the ensuing 36 months, Seafort pursued several add-on acquisitions as part of a buy-and-build strategy to further grow its businesses. Seafort achieved two exits from Seafort Fund I by 2018, selling Dieter Braun GmbH to a financial buyer for a total consideration of €65 million (resulting in 4.9 times the money invested and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 70%). Additionally, Seafort redeemed more than 1.6 times the multiple on capital (MOC) of the total equity raised in Seafort Fund I. The last exits were realized in 2020.

  • In February 2016, Seafort raised Seafort Fund II with €94 million in equity invested across three companies. These companies spanned various industries: temporary staffing, business process outsourcing, and automotive. The initial company, Avedo-call center, was successfully exited with a 2.3x MOIC and an IRR of 75% p.a. after just 18 months. With J+S Automotive now experiencing robust growth post-COVID crisis, the fund is expected to achieve an MOIC of 2.5x

  • In March 2020 Seafort raised its third fund investing in an attractive software company focusing on IT Asset management and in a highly innovative Hydrogen producer which went public 18 months after Seafort’s investment tripling the investment, reaching a market capitalization of €270m!

  • Seafort has built a strong track-record since 2012


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Seafort’s strategy is to support and enhance the core drivers of the individual business plans.

Our investment strategy


Seafort’s strategy is to support and enhance the core drivers of the individual business plans. We developed a strategy that incorporates multiple value drivers thus ensuring that upside can be achieved through several different measures for each portfolio company and without solely relying on market growth.

The invested companies operate in unrelated industries with uncorrelated dynamics. In summary, they form a well-balanced buy-out portfolio of established businesses.

Seafort has a differentiated, balanced strategy which is designed to deliver reliable growth with a low risk of capital loss whilst providing constant liquidity to investors. Substantial strategic interest makes the companies attractive for larger corporations trying to grow in the respective areas or to get a footprint in the D- A- CH market.


Seafort approach


Supportive investors with entrepreneurial spirit Distinctive investment management approach Conservative investment approach Focus on key value drivers
Seafort is familiar with the mindset of German entrepreneurs, ranging from dynamic serial entrepreneurs to experienced “Mittelstand” managers Characterized by a relatively conservative, or low-beta, effort to seize opportunities in core industries with the aim to add substantial value to the portfolio Returns based on investing in a portfolio of companies with good growth and cash flow prospects, and backing motivated and experienced management teams, but not through the extensive use of debt Significant effort working closely with the portfolio companies to facilitate implementation of effective operational controls - add value to the fund’s investments


Post-investment value build


Seafort believes that the portfolio companies will benefit from following post investment action:

  • Entrepreneurial partnering


    Seafort believes in the importance to focus on the selection of top-quality entrepreneurs and management teams. Seafort’s involvement is an integral part of the investment strategy, supporting the portfolio company in its overall business development. It also enables Seafort to anticipate and resolve arising issues early and quickly. Seafort will usually require management to keep a significant financial stake in their company in order to ensure that interests are aligned.


  • Continuous strategic review


    Seafort creates monthly or quarterly reports including financial statements and strategic reviews of all portfolio companies in order to monitor progress and provide on-going support. These strategic reviews allow us to monitor progress at an appropriate rate.


  • Focus towards exit


    Seafort analyzes each portfolio company on a frequent basis to determine the appropriate exit timing and method. The exit strategy may, in most cases, take the form of a sale to a strategic or financial buyer. Exits will be sought when there has been a significant increase in value in companies through revenue growth, margin expansion and increase in profitability.



Exit management


Seafort team members have executed in total more than 20 exits in the past years and know how to increase the appetite of potential buyers and how to manage a 1-on-1 sale or a complex auction with several parties involved. The challenge is to find the right strategic fit which will help the company in the future and to gain the support of our management teams to operate under a new owner. Only if all stakeholder views have been anticipated and are taken into consideration a successful sale will be executed. We constantly sound the market for buyers’ appetite and build up reference data through a broad advisor network.


Investment criteria


Well-established Sectors


Seafort prefers well-established companies in services/trade/ IT/ engineering, consumer goods, industrial goods and health care/ pharmaceutical products.




Competitive advantage


Seafort prefer regional champions and global niche market leaders and companies with highmarket entry barriers for the competitors


Risk avoiding


Seafort avoid companies with single product, strong customer concentration or unsecure legal


Competent management


We invest in experienced manager. To search or change essential members of the management after the acquisition increase the risk to fail.


Growth opportunities


The company needs to have excellent growth opportunities in its market with proof of concept.


Value added


Seafort’s network needs to provide value creation opportunities




The company should be in a position to bear a moderate acquisition financing to increase the leverage effect. Growth however should not be constrained.


Strong Cash flow


Growing and constant cash flow are crucial for growth, capex programs and deleveraging.


Exit oriented


At the time of a positive investment decision the company needs to be sellable. Who could potentially buy the business and why will the company be even more attractive after the holding period of Seafort.


Portfolio Investment

SEAFORT currently invested approx. € 260 m backed by leading international investors. All portfolio companies are value oriented mid-market investments in robust DACH market segments as secondary and direct investments.
  • All
  • Apex Group
  • Dieter Braun Group
  • Avedo Group
  • proAlpha Software AG
  • Cideon AG
Seafort VATTENFALL HKZ KLOET 243dd12072022
Investment Apex Group
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Investment Avedo Group
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Investment Cideon AG